(written March 2023) Unsplash Image by Jon Tyson They walk the streets as we sleep, searching for a place to rest, somewhere to lay their head. With no fixed abode, they roam from here to there. While we soundly sleep, devoid of worry or care. They weep for all they have lost. Abandoned shattered. LifeContinue reading “Homeless”


(written August 2022) Unsplash Image by Sankavi Vultures circle overhead. Angels of death. As he walks alone among the graves and tombs, he is a harbinger of doom. Bloodthirsty. He hides, emerging with the moon. Searching for fresh corpses to satiate his needs, with claws for fingers, he drains their blood before extricating their heart,Continue reading “Bloodlet”

Through the window

( written March 2023) Unsplash Image by Alec Douglas The greyness of the dayremindsme of painas the rain falls like shards of glass piercing my heart.So I turn this thought over.Instead of wallowing in lamentI imagine the rain is a waterfall which I am now standing under.A flash of lightning,the roar of thunder,and I feelContinue reading “Through the window”