Pause (return to black)

(written May 2023) I paused to imaginebut did not lingeron the thought.There is no pointto my imaginationwhen realitycomes to naught.Clarification is what Iseek, or better still,communication.Then again,silence conveysso much.So I shall not waste thoughtson imagining your touch.Or the brush of your lipsagainst mine.I paused,but toomuch timenow has elapsed.So I hit “play”,instead of “pause”,and then returnContinue reading “Pause (return to black)”


(written May 2023) Rivulets of red blend into the fluffy white clouds. Another day draws to an end. Soon the moon will emerge with the stars to illuminate the sky. While weary workers close their eyes. For some the night may not bring rest as they attempt to relieve their worries. And for others, thereContinue reading “Tomorrow”

Castles in the Sky

(written April 2023) Illusions of the mind will only waste your time. Don’t paint the perfect scene. Perfect only exists in dreams. Never grasp on thin air while trying to hold onto something that is not there. The truth will leave you bare, but it is better than any lie. There are no castles inContinue reading “Castles in the Sky”

I will write

(written May 2023) Unsplash Image by VD Photography My pen is my life-bloodwithout it, I cannot survive.My ink is the hand thatwipes my tears away.It is the sun on a cloudy day.It is my lover, my friend,my guide.Always by my side.When darkness surrounds me,it is my light.How can I shinewithout its ray of hope?As IContinue reading “I will write”


(written April 2023) Unsplash Image by Benigno Hoyuela Memories of long ago,we sew stitches,trying to holdonto broken dreams.Needles and threads.People who werenever ours to keep.Then we comeapart at the seams.Unravel yourselffrom anythingthat causes painand never letanyone use thesame pair ofscissorsto cut you open again. Copyright © 2023 Maggie Watson All Rights Reserved