I can breathe

(written October 2022) I rose at dawn and made my way down to the sea. I thought if I immersed myself in the ocean, I might be free, relieved from the burden of your words and the wounds I still carry. The saltwater made my wounds sting, but your words refused to drown, remaining attachedContinue reading “I can breathe”

The Sun

(written March 2023) Unsplash Image by Josh Berendes Spring arrives.We turn our faces to the light.A rising sun burns the gloom away.Winter dissipates.With hope revived, we thrive, seeking new endeavours.If only the sun would shine forever.Two quarters later, we prepare for winter again.Another cycle of grey begins as summer memories fade.And the sun goes downContinue reading “The Sun”


(written December 2022) Unsplash Image by Nikhita Singhal A current of electricity courses through my veins, and the longing remains. Your name sparks the flame. Why do the embers of you refuse to refrain from entering my domain? “Can it not rain?” I ask myself as your power surges once more. Must I implore theContinue reading “Electricity”

Heavenly Angel

(written December 2022) Unsplash Image by Alexander Zvir I looked for you in the crowd. I could not find you there. You have disappeared again like a puff of smoke into the air. I walked for miles searching for your smile, but I could find no trace. The image of you has now begun toContinue reading “Heavenly Angel”