Go with the flow


My holiday did not have the best start, but like everything in life, things can and do turn around in the blink of an eye.

Kefalonia is stunning, with rugged coastline and azure sea.

But.. you really do need a car, and I don’t drive.

The flora and fauna is so beautiful.

I am quite a way from the beach, but at least the sun has got his hat on today and I have had a full English breakfast 😊.

I missed out yesterday as I was not feeling too good when I woke up.

Yesterday while out walking my attention was caught my the sound of bells.

It sounded like someone was playing an instrument.

Indeed, it was a field of happy goats😊.

Each one had a bell tied round its neck, and this created the “music”.

I think the beach is “doable” to walk to, but you would have to do it early in the morning (if, like myself you burn easily).

I have written (a little).

For now though, Vitamin D is my main priority as it is sadly lacking in Scotland (even in summer).



Published by In the Shadow of my Pen

Indie Poet and Author✍️ of four collections of poetry. Chronic Fatigue Warrior💪 Volunteer, Solo Traveller✈️ and Yogi🙏. Spilling ink from my heart and soul. My writing is real and raw, so if you are looking for a fairy tale you are on the wrong site!

2 thoughts on “Go with the flow

  1. What a gorgeous photo, Maggie. The sky and the sea are both stunning, and that white sandy beach must be lovely to walk along. I’ve never been to Kefalonia, but then, I haven’t been anywhere much. I’ve only been abroad to Spain once, and that was on my honeymoon decades ago. Given the chance and ability to travel, I’d really like to see Scotland, Wales and Ireland before venturing further afield. My sister lives in Melbourne, Australia, and I’ve never been out there. I used to think about it sometimes, but it would be a nightmare travelling alone by air with a wheelchair and luggage to manage. Apart from which, I couldn’t afford the airfare either. Xxx 🌞🛫💖🤗💕

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    1. Greece and the islands are all stunning Ellie.
      Last year I was in Zante and could see Kefalonia in the distance.
      I am sadly burnt already, and that is with factor 50 on 😪.
      Travelling can be stressful and tiring , but the experience is worth it.
      The only thing about the Uk is the weather🙄.
      Here it is almost guaranteed but not quite.It was pretty pants when I arrived🙄.
      It is 6pm here and still scorchio 😎😎🏖🏖❤️❤️

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