written February 2023

We cry.

Out of the blue.

In the dark.

Obsidian rain.

We are in pain.

Storm clouds gather.

Ride or die.

We prepare to do battle again.

Survive, adapt or change.

Nothing can stay the same.

So fill every page with your words and the crimson ink from your veins.

While you embrace each part of life.

Until your heart ceases to beat and only the ash of your bones remains.

Published by In the Shadow of my Pen

Indie Poet and Author✍️ of four collections of poetry. Chronic Fatigue Warrior💪 Volunteer, Solo Traveller✈️ and Yogi🙏. Spilling ink from my heart and Soul. My writing is real and raw, so if you are looking for a fairy tale you are on the wrong site!

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