More Words

(from Me and my Shadow)

written February 2021

Unsplash Image by Sven Brandsma

Words that were written or said, which ones remain in your head?

Words released from a mouth or a pen, each one has a meaning.

Every word has a cause and effect.

Do we ever take the time to stop and reflect?

Once released, whether in haste or anger.

Words are not just words.

They linger then, replay, again and again.

Until you can no longer take the pain, so before you release your words, stop, pause and think.

Always remember, never let your words sting.

Copyright © 2023 Maggie Watson
All rights reserved

Published by In the Shadow of my Pen

Indie Poet and Author✍️ of four collections of poetry. Chronic Fatigue Warrior💪 Volunteer, Solo Traveller✈️ and Yogi🙏. Spilling ink from my heart and Soul. My writing is real and raw, so if you are looking for a fairy tale you are on the wrong site!

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