Poetry is an emotion

December 2022

When my poetry journey began in 2020 i had the habit of putting dates on my poems (i still do that).

What I write usually reflects how I am feeling at the time ( but not always ).

As I may have mentioned in another post,I do draw a lot on my life experiences when I write.

But a lot of the time I get a thought popping into my grey cells and make a poem from that.

Every reader interprets things in a different way.

I always hope that what I write resonates with someone.

I may be writing sad poems,and this might not be the best time of year for me,but i am not in the depths of despair!

I simply write what I feel as I feel it.

To anyone who has taken the time to read my work 🙏 thank you,it is appreciated.

Maggie x

Published by In the Shadow of my Pen

Indie Poet and Author✍️ of four collections of poetry. Chronic Fatigue Warrior💪 Volunteer, Solo Traveller✈️ and Yogi🙏. Spilling ink from my heart and Soul. My writing is real and raw, so if you are looking for a fairy tale you are on the wrong site!

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