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I am Maggie Watson, an Indie Author from Scotland.

My poetry journey began at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

At that point I had no idea it would then become such a huge part of my life.

Like many of you, I am sure, I found the “lockdowns” particularly hard.

I live alone and have no family, but generally do not mind being on my own, loneliness is not something I suffer from.

But being cooped up all day was extremely difficult and certainly was not good for one’s mental health!

So I began writing, merely as a way of getting my thoughts out.

Fast forward to December 2020 and my first collection was published ( by a publishing house ).

As happy as I was seeing my name on a product page on Amazon, I was embarrassed by the content, but, heh we all have to start somewhere!

I knew I wanted to improve my writing, and I certainly was not going to pay again for my work to be published.

Fast forward to now, and I have self-published four collections of poetry.

If you have never done so, or maybe just toyed with the idea, do it!

It is not rocket science, only time consuming and tiring, ( I have CFS so for me it was exhausting at times)

This year I have also had my work included and published by Glass Gates Publications, Gypsophilazine and been included in an all female poetry anthology.

I am still trying to get my work “out there” and recognised because the work does not stop once the book is published.

I will be posting examples of my work here.

My writing can be quite raw, but I make no apologies for that!

It is real, based on life experiences, and I would rather read “real” than some

fairy-tale because, life is anything but and only the strongest survive.

I hope you can take something from my words.



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